Evidence-based Certifications


​Through the Institute for Performance Improvement we offer the Certified School Improvement Specialist evidence-based job certification. Applicants document three to five years of work facilitating school improvement, using triangulation of data and attestations from employers or clients. Successful candidates who pass the double-blind review process are awarded a verifiable CSIS digital badge. 


We also design and develop valid, reliable and legally-defensible certifications and program accreditations, and guide evaluation of evidence-based practices. 

We help local education agencies and schools reach their goals.

Learning Experiences


​Working through our partner, the Institute for Performance Improvement (www.TIFPIedu.org), we provide Learning Experiences that help education leaders and other facilitators of school improvement to hone their skills to successfully guide collaborative school improvement. These performance-based classes are focused on developing and implementing school improvement plans to achieve targeted results. 

Contact Us


​​Deb Page, President Willing Learner, Inc. and President, The Institute for Performance Improvement    Deb@TIFPI.org

Dr. Jean Quigg, National Certification Director


Dr. Judith Hale, CEO, The Institute for Performance Improvement, and Certification and Evaluation Practice Leader  Judy@TIFPI.org